I am a nerd in salesmen's clothing. Throughout my career I have always prided myself on being able to bridge the gap between the nerds and the common-folk. I have a knack of explaining geek-speak in plain, simple language so that us normal folks can get our brains around it and fully understand the benefits.

Most recently I was the President of Oppliger Banking Systems, where we sell, install and service banking equipment (like ATM machines). My primary background however, is in Internet and web technologies. Prior to Oppliger Banking I owned and operated several Internet companies starting in 1994 where I developed a deep passion for interactive marketing, branding and excellence in user interface design.

I have recently stepped down as President of Oppliger Banking to launch a new venture in the bank core processing space.

I have three children that keep me very busy with sports and activities. And when we're not riding motocross or going to baseball games, I spend my free time chasing my passions: music, soccer, photography and gardening.


music, photography, technology, soccer, computers, flying, rich internet applications, mobile banking, network security... mostly nerd stuff.